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The genesis of Capella Antiqua was need; a deep need to study and sing music of the highest artistic and historical significance, a need to sing fun music, and need to share this with the wider community. In the spring of 2011, a varied group of singers (undergrads to retirees) came together and committed themselves to a new musical endeavor whose watchwords were to be "fun" and "historically informed." Capella Antiqua is the result. Our first two seasons will present an amazingly diverse series of programs, from the Italian Renaissance, to the Philippine Baroque, to Romantic Era Germany.

Our goal is not the dry musicology of the unremittingly academic, our repertoire is chosen because it's rewarding and fun to sing, not just "important." I think you'll find this in the performances. We’re all about singing great music, whether well known or not, with the highest level of artistry we can manage.


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